Tuesday 26 October 2010

Curry In A Hurry

I have to report that Jamie’s 30 minute recipe for curry actually works! Check out the website here

jamie 30

My only comments:

His timings, impeccable though they are, do not allow for stopping cooking to deal with the breadmaker [my mistake – should have sorted it earlier] or for phone calls from daughters [sorry Steph! at least your Dad was on hand to chat] But it is literally ‘all stations go’ from the moment you start till the meal is on the table.

I set the timer for 30 minutes when I began – and it went off just as I took the photo.


Mine is not strictly to Jamie’s recipe. I am, as he would say, a total wuss – so I used a jar of Korma Paste as it is milder than Rogan Josh, and I omitted the chillies. I don’t really enjoy spicy food. Also I missed out the coriander [I forgot to buy it!] We had naan bread instead of chapattis [on offer in Sainsbury's] and I never made any lemon pickle [we had some lime pickle in the fridge] Here is Jamie’s version

tv pic

The main difference in appearance is all that green coriander garnish! But the curry was lovely - a good flavour, but not too hot for me. I made half quantity of rice and salad – but the full quantity of curry, and we ate one third on Monday evening. The remainder I split in two and froze for other nights.

Astute readers may spot something on the bookshelf behind the table. The ant killer has nothing to do with the meal. I really should have moved that before I got out the camera!!

I am hoping to try out some of the other ideas from the website soon - particularly his chicken pie and the quick Portuguese tarts.


  1. That looks delicious, I use to make curry's from his ministry of food book which were amazing but took so long to make that I was put of, so i will defiantly be making this. If you don't like spice can I suggest making Dahl, it has no heat, is incredibly frugal and is absolute comfort food :)

  2. Good old Jamie, always practical and unpretentious.

  3. Hi Angela , The pots of parsley and coriader you buy in the supermkt,. carry on growing if yo plant them in the garden . I have flat leaf parsley growing from earlier in the year . I bought 2 pots of curly leaf par,. last week . I,m an addict of mashed potato , peas and parsley sauce .--cottonreel

  4. I know I shouldn't, but I can't resist. Are quick Portuguese tarts ladies of low repute in Lisbon? :-)

  5. RB - I am not sure - although I DO possess in my kitchen cupboard a Loose-bottomed French Tart Tin, which sounds equally disreputable!

  6. I love curry, though like you, I prefer mine unspicy. Actually, I love Indian food in general, and often suffer for it. Oh, but it's worth it!



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