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A random selection of answers to recent questions

1 – no, Lucy, I did not attempt the climbing tower at the Village Fun Day. I did it once a couple of years ago and that was enough, thank you!

2- no, Mags, I do not write questions for Brain Of Britain – although I do enjoy listening to the programme

3 – yes, Catriona, I do enjoy a feminist rant now and then

fem rant

4 – Mrs Bent – my bread and butter pudding is a fairly hit and miss affair, depending on what is left over – but basically, it is this…

For 2 [4] persons - I just slice and butter the leftover bread [baguette/brioche/panetone/burger buns/whatever] and lay in a dish [first slices butter sides down, remainder butter sides up] For two of us I use a one pint capacity dish, for four, a larger one. Layer up until dish is full, interspersing with 1 [2] tbsp of sugar and 1[2] tbsp sultanas or other dried fruit.

Beat one egg in a Pyrex jug, and top up to the ½ pint [1 pint] mark. Beat with a fork. Pour the liquid over the bread and push the bread down into it with the fork. If possible leave for 30 mins [if not, don’t worry] Bake for 45 minutes at 170ºC

This works with almost all leftover bread except pumpernickel and garlic bread!

5 – Mrs Bent & Lynn – Pressure Cookers and Slow Cookers

  • The PC is good for providing immediate quick meals if you come in and haven’t anything ready
  • The SC is fine if you are well organised and can set it up the night before – all you have to do is make a quick side of boiled rice/couscous/bread and you have a lovely meal
  • The PC will cook all your veg separately
  • The SC is a One-Pot Wonder
  • The PC pan is large – and useful for things like marmalade making
  • The SC makes great stock – you can leave it simmering away and not worry about letting it boil dry
  • The PC does need to have its gasket checked regularly or it will perish, with dire results [ooops!]
  • The PC is fabulous for making a quick creamy rice pudding in 15 minutes [wonderful for Sunday lunch after church!]
  • The SC can be used for making cakes, I am told – but I have never tried
  • The PC is good for steaming puddings without steaming up the kitchen – brilliant for individual Xmas puds which you can reheat later
  • The SC is almost foolproof – my only major disaster was thinking I could put the oats and milk in the night before and come down to wonderful porridge on a cold winter morning. The oats completely broke down - I ended up with mucilaginous goop which was only fit for hanging wallpaper!**


6 – Carole, the reference to the jewellers was on January 21st – you can always try using the search box at the bottom of the page to find things.

7 – yes, BeeJay, it is

8 – no, Chris and Jane, it is not clever knitting, it is clever yarn

9 – Peg, it is a potato baked in its skin

10 – yes, Mags, of course you said thankyou!

questions 3

**I just wanted an excuse to type ‘mucilaginous goop’!

I really appreciate everyone’s comments. As I obviously have more than one reader, I felt unable to use this clip art

questions apostrophe

Like Ms Truss, I am a real geranium about apostrophes!

Thanks everyone, for all your kind comments – I really appreciate the fact that people take the time to add feedback to posts – I hope you continue to enjoy the blog. Blessings, Ang x


  1. Lovely! This is far the best if you have no idea of what the original questions were, and are left with free rein to imagine them! Thanks, Ang.

  2. I love my slow cooker, I am scared of presure cookers!

  3. I'm with Madhouse methinks - cooking with a gasket sounds scary. I think I'd be the pressure cooker :)

  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions, I will defiantly try the bread and butter pudding and that is by far the best comparison of a SC & PC :)

  5. Thanks Ang but I had already used the search button at the bottom and have taken a copy of your entry into the shop. Carolev


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