Sunday 14 November 2010

Another Late Night Feminist Rant

yvette cooper Last month, I was rather incensed about the frequent references in the media to “Yvette Cooper, wife of Ed Balls”

I think a number of my friends were a little surprised that I felt the need to rant about it.

Catriona, you ain’t seen nothing yet when it comes to my rants!

Following the Baptist Women’s Day of Prayer last week, I dutifully sent off a report to the Baptist Times


Now I wasn’t sure if they would publish it, and I knew that if they did, it would probably get edited. So I am pleased they did put it on to page 5, entitled “Women Unite In Day Of Prayer For The World”

But I am really miffed to find myself described as “Angela Almond, wife of minister the Revd Bob Almond”.

Did he have anything to do with sending the report? [no]

imageWas he even at the 2010 Day Of Prayer? [no]

Has he been attending Women’s World Day of Prayer events since his mother took him in his pram? [no]

Has he been leading Ladies Meetings since 1972? [no]

Was he the UK co-ordinator of the 2005 BWA Women’s Leadership Conference at the Baptist World Congress ? [no]

All those things were done by me

The DOP was a women’s event planned by and for women. Bob [and all the other males on the planet] had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT

The report I sent was a mere four sentences long – I fully expected it to be incorporated into a larger report on how the DOP was celebrated nationally. It appears to be the only report on the day – but somehow it seems necessary that as the author of the report, I am to be defined by my marital status.[Do BT readers actually care who I am married to?]

Perhaps I should ask Yvette Cooper if there is a special club we can join, for ‘women whose names cannot be mentioned unless there is mention of their spouse too”

I think I ought to stop ranting now [it is midnight after all] Bob is still working on stuff for tomorrow’s service – the Remembrance Sunday Family Service is always a ‘timed to the minute’ event, in order to accommodate the 2 minutes silence precisely, so it takes a lot of careful planning. He is rather amused by my ranting – but totally supportive.

Bob [husband of Mrs Angela Almond] has spent almost the whole day working – apart from a very brief trip into town together this morning to sort out his Christmas present. But more of that later.


  1. I can not imagine you letting that happen, I would write to them, I would!

  2. Gosh Angela, wife of Rev Bob Almond, you are up late. It's 9pm here and I Jane W-M, wife of Chris W-M, am just going to bed!
    Jane x
    P.S. The W part of the name is mine the M part is his.

  3. Nothing changes, Angela. I suppose we should be grateful that we have the right to vote!

  4. Rant away! Spices.... the spice girls of the church.... girl power.... without it empty churches, no one to pray (is there a men's DOP, Baptist or World...? No!) no one to....

    Two things sadden me here... (1)how few people eyeond Leics actually use the BWDOP, or the WWDP for that matter and (2) how Baptist publications seem to need to relate everyhtign and every one to some Baptist minister or bigwig. I must be a nightmare - no Baptist rellies, no minister husband... I occasionally imagine spoof BT articles "Mrs Eva Blogs whose dog was bred by by Mr Smith whose great uncle once listened to C H Spurgeon preach ...." It's got a lot better in recent years to be fair.

    Anyway, you are no "Wife-of" you are Angela and we love you.

  5. Would you like one of my hypothetical T-shirts with the slogan "The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the management"
    or "I have a brain and I'm not afraid to use it"?

    To be fair, my husband is known in various places as Mr X (where X is my maiden name and they know me as Dr X)
    Other places he's known as Rev Y and I'm Mrs Y
    And still other places he's Rev Y and I'm Dr X ....

  6. Grr... That would annoy me too! Although it amuses me at my work when my husband is referred to as Mr Shannon :)

  7. Hi Angela! Of course you can use my picture and praise the Lord, the scripture is free to us all! :) Have a blessed Sunday!

  8. I am Woman - hear me roar! Good for you, more of us need to stand up for our own identities. Blessings, Peg

  9. Just googled and there are several Angela Almond around the world, just as I know there are several women with my name, same spelling even. So, I'm just guessing here, that you would rather be honored and recognized as 'wife of Bob Almond', than simply stand alone. I hear you though! Most of my life I've been, Professor R's wife, Angela's, Evi's or Ken's mom, Mrs. L's daughter, etc. etc. etc. and most of the time people spell my first name wrong! LOL

  10. Thanks for the support, girls!!
    I like the tee shirt idea, Helen
    Hyphenating my surname with my maiden-name isn't very euphonious, sadly
    Catriona - should I tell the BT my great grandmama was in CHS' Bible Class next time I send in an article?
    Being "Wife of..." is at least better than the days when people referred to me as "Charlie's Mother" [cos Charlie was our DOG!!]

  11. I get aggrieved when I am never me but somebody's wife or mother. My friend did her back in and I took over walking her dog for a few weeks. I was stopped in the street by a neighbour who said "Oh you are Bonnie's walker, then." If I am feeling bolshie, then when introduced to somebody as T's wife, I sometimes say that no, he's my husband. I usually get blank looks and then have to explain what I'm on about.

  12. It's funny how we all see things so differently I was always called J..... Sister growing up and yes it did upset me and I do thank God for a wonderful Pastor who told me to say sometime to the people that did it, if it was bothering me. Which I did and it was received lovingly (praise God) however I must say that now that I am all grown up (52 LOL) It doesn't bother me if someone calls me Antony's wife or Jen's sister or Maratha's daughter because I am!
    I just stand proudly and yes I am; and proud of it! Then kindly tell them my name!!
    I guess we all have different journeys and different things to cope with. But I am so proud that I am Antony wife and Joshua’s, Johanna’s and Timothy Mum and get quite a kick out of been recognized as having been acknowledged as that very blessed person! I love that; that is the calling that God so lovingly placed on my life and that I have the privilege of being someone’s Wife and Mama. Not everyone has the privilege and joy of being so loved!!
    Jilly oxo


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