Tuesday 16 November 2010

Window Dressing

Last year’s Christmas window display in our newsagents


This year’s is almost identical – we still have Wise Men


…and Mary, Joseph and The Baby


…but I wanted to publicise our Get In the Picture event, so I borrowed some Playmobil people from my friend [a fair swap – after all, I lent him a soldier’s uniform this week!] and they are in the display too, worshipping at the manger


along with an explanation of Get In the Picture [held up by some angels from the Poundshop!]


[I have yet to work out how to photograph a shop window without getting a lot of reflection]

I also put up a poster to one side of the display about the Saltmine Panto which we are hosting on Dec 16th


Do come if you can [details here] You’ll enjoy it

[oh yes you will…]

[Thankyou to Mark and Marie for letting us do this display each year]


  1. I love the display, it is wonderful that you can do such in a thing in your local newsagents :)

  2. Wwe love Saltmine- is it the same group- they come here now and again? I first saw them a long while ago do The Screwtape Letters? I love this get in the picture idea- it's like the French santons at the creche- all the usual figures and then all the everyday workers and family fok as well. I'm going to send you a picture of ours as soon as it comes out! We're 1st December folk here, so not too long! 20-25 women coming to Preparing for Advent- thanks for the prayers!


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