Sunday 7 November 2010

Spice Of Life

If we have mouse/mice and louse/lice, then we should have spouse/spice…

Catriona posted an appreciation of the ministers’ spice [wives and widows] in her churches. She said that being a ‘girlie rev’, she was grateful for these women who understood what Manse life was all about, and was grateful for their support.

It set me thinking – if I am one of these ‘spice’, which spice am I?


This spice rack [perhaps Connexion should use this image sometimes] has bottles of all different shapes and sizes, colours and flavours, and certainly all the Pastors’ Wives and Widows I have met have been individuals and unlike the next woman in the line.

But what about the qualities of the spices [and herbs!] inside the bottle.


Which ones are important to add flavour to the ministry ?

  • nutmeg – good for the digestion. Do I help people ‘digest’ the truths of scripture?
  • fennel – calming and relaxing. I need to work at this one!
  • mustard – [in moderation] brings warmth to the mix
  • cardamom - aromatic, brings a sweet savour to things. A useful attribute in a difficult meeting
  • rosemary – great flavour, symbolic of remembrance. Often I have to remember things for my other half!
  • ginger – there are, however, moments when I want to liven things up a bit in Church!
  • parsley – allegedly has odour eating properties, helpful for dealing with gossip
  • vanilla – often mistakenly regarded as ‘bland’, it is in fact used to lift and enhance other flavours [eg chocolate, ice cream] People needed to be lifted and encouraged too.
  • arrowroot – binds things together
  • cloves – gentle antiseptic properties, always useful when helping repentant sinners sort themselves out
  • garlic – good for the heart [enough said]
  • sage – it is good to bring God’s wisdom to any situation
  • cinnamon –redolent of Christmas feasting. Always good to remind people of Jesus’ coming [and coming again]
  • chilli – I really want to set people on fire for Jesus!
  • thyme – it is always important to have time for people!

[now I am reading back through this and wondering if it can be turned into a talk for a Ladies Group! feel free to borrow the idea]

We have some lovely minsters’ spice in our congregation. One of them is on the ‘After Church Coffee Rota’. The other week I went into the Hall after the service [quite drained after an intense Sunday school lesson] and was called over to one of the tables where an older person wanted to speak to me. Fifteen minutes later I was still listening to this person [and desperate for a cup of coffee]

And suddenly there was my friend, at my side, with a cup of coffee, exactly as I like it [strong, no sugar, splash of milk] “Thought you might like this” she said, and returned to the serving hatch. How thoughtful to notice my need, and bring me some refreshment.

Are you among the spice in your church? [whether or not your other half is the Pastor] Which quality is important for you?


  1. House...hice? Blouse...blice? And so on.
    What a thoughtful friend you have.

  2. What a wonderful thoughtful post, perfect reading this Sunday morning

  3. I shall think differently about my spices now!
    Thanks, Angela!
    Jane x

  4. Thank you for the reminder - of being the 'spice' in others' lives, no matter where we are. And that's my prayer for my life. Your friend is true 'spice'.

  5. Let's see . . . I'd like some vanilla, some sage, a lot of chili, and lots of thyme. Great post, Angela!

  6. Hi. I am a Baptist assistant minister's wife and also the editor of our church newsletter. This is a lovely post. Would you mind if I used your list of spice in our church newsletter please? I looked for a contact link so I'm just writing in your comments.


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