Monday 29 November 2010

Top Tips For Christmas – Part 4

Important Tip this one – do not get overloaded with too many jobs! 

So many people have said “Oh, I am planning to come and get my photo taken” that I began to panic a little. My Anglican friends have offered a few adult-sized costumes, and I have the bag of Sunday School ones. But I do not want people queuing up – I need to have enough outfits for people to be dressed and ready as soon as the camera is free. So I filled the car with fabric from The Great Stash [and the Sewing Club’s Stash too] and took it to Norfolk on Friday night.


After an hour and a half, in front of the TV, I had cut out a dozen or so costumes


Then this morning, I put up the clothes rail [on loan from Rachel] and got out the overlocker.



It takes about half an hour to sew up a simple costume – and I worked till midday.

Then we had to go out and do one or two chores.

Back at 3 and I did another 3 hours sewing.

And I have about 14 outfits done – two more ‘angels’ to go, and the head-dresses, and I shall feel able to stop being anxious.

The costume is based on a simple T-shape. The fabrics are all old bits – curtains, sheets etc. The angel robes drop over the head – the rest are coat style.

I shall post a tutorial shortly


I have been out with a mallet and hammered some promotional signs into the grass verge down the hill into the village.


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  1. You never stop, do you?!
    I can see you are taking yout top tip really to heart. Slow down when/if you can.


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