Wednesday 17 November 2010

Clip Art

Next weekend, I am involved in a fund-raising Charity Craft Fayre organised by a friend. I’m taking my embroidery machine, to make personalised gifts on the spot – but wanted a few other bits to sell. I have all the Scandinavian Bootees I made at half-term


Well – all except for one pair – they were on the coffee table as I had been packing them into cellophane bags when a visitor arrived. She purchased a pair on the spot!!

Eleven pairs left!

But knowing there are likely to be a number of schoolchildren there, I wanted something cheap and pocket-money priced.

I bought two cards of hair clips – and one of hair grips


Then I assembled my supplies

  • the left over felt scraps from the bootees
  • a tin of buttons
  • ricrac
  • embroidery floss
  • superglue

and turned the ho-hum clips into something a little more interesting





Initially I couldn’t work out how to ‘present’ them. Then I remembered a pack of ‘Rolodex’ index cards which I got in a Bumper Bundle of stationery from Staples years ago – but never had a use for. Nobody I know actually has a Rolodex


The two cut out notches are in exactly the right place to hold the clips. I have produced lots of pairs of clips [and trios of grips]


There are loads of tutorials for making these clips on the internet.

I hope that means I will have loads of customers for them at the Fayre!


  1. You are full of good ideas! I hope they go well at the Fair.

  2. You are so clever Angela. I'm sure they'll all sell very quickly. Love the Scandinavian bootees as well. A very novel idea. All the best for the Fayre! Blessings!

  3. Angela, how pretty and what a wonderful idea to use your crafting abilities to make such interesting items out of something so plain. I hope you make lots of money and am sorry not to be able to come and buy.

  4. You can't be speechless in a blog comment because you have to say something, but if I didn't have to say anything, I would definitely be speechless....

  5. What great ideas for a craft fayre - best wishes on good sales! Blessings, Peg

  6. Those are amazing, playing cards are great for displaying clips

  7. Wonderful assortment of gifts to buy . Love the slippers . Did you see the cakes on my blog ? they are quick and easy--cottonreel


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