Friday 5 November 2010

Where Am I ?

I was reading a blog [written by X who lives in Scotland] and went from that to another blog, which I believe to be in England. A useful widget on that blog informed me that ‘a visitor has just arrived from Manchester via X’s blog’

That was definitely ME – but I am nowhere near Manchester. To quote my pupil “I am feeling very decrupted about this!”

BuI love wandering about in the blogosphere, stumbling upon new and interesting things.

However I have to have one of these timers by the pc

Otherwise I can spend ages just wandering and wondering. A friend asked when I find time to blog. I think the answer is ‘odd minutes here and there’. I often start writing a post quickly and save it to edit later – but arrange for it to post the next morning, so that I usually have one post per day. But occasionally I get very carried away and post at other times too.

I try extremely hard to check spellings etc., and I try to avoid late night rants. I also work hard at reading comments and I love hearing what other people think.

I have learned so much through blogging and like being here.

But where am I? certainly not in Manchester!

The other issue is that I have conversations with Bob that begin “My friend X…” and then have to clarify we have never actually met, and they live hundreds of miles away. [So he cannot go and see Frances’ cornmeal-coloured dining room, or make bread from her home grown wheat!]

I don’t do Facebook – but Bob does. I was irrationally pleased when he had a ‘friend request’ from one of my readers who said that ‘Angela will explain who I am’

Bob was saying how many birthday greetings he had received on Facebook from blokes - “They would never consider sending a card though” he commented. So that is a positive thing indeed.

Tim Berners Lee – the guy crediting with inventing the Web, is a very clever bloke. [I have a soft spot for physicists] It has certainly made a significant difference to life at the start of the 21st century.

But like all tools, it has to be handled wisely.

And even though I love the immediacy of emails, and the pictures and details of blogs, I still enjoy curling up with a book or magazine – and the thrill of reading a letter or receiving a greetings card.

And I quite like visiting Manchester occasionally too!


  1. I find with that widget thing that I can land on blogs from all sorts of places I'm not... I think it's to do with how our ISPs do odd things with their servers.

    Kind of weird and fun to discover where I am in the parallel universe of the web at any time.

    Blog-friends are great aren't they? Keep up the excellent work, I love calling by to hear what you're up to.

  2. I am always amazed when I think how the internet has changed our lives, we now have access to information that used to cost money from legal advice to recipes, market places where individuals can buy and sell with no or little commission and many at home people earn livings, find jobs at a click, keep in touch with friends and family across the world cheaply and meet new people with similar interests

  3. This is a great post, a reminder how much the internet has changed our lives. Although I am relativly 'young' I can remember seeing an article about the Internet on Blue Peter (probably early 90's) and thinking 'that sounds great but I don't suppose I'll ever get to use it' - how wrong I was!!

    I think I should get a timer for my desk though, I am prone to 'wandering' for too long.

  4. Yes, I have noticed on those "widgets" that I am arriving from Woodstock Ontario which is a four hour drive away.Pretty close in our global village though!
    Jane x

  5. Me too...apparently I am from anywhere South of Brest and North of Nantes!

  6. I blog with a kitchen timer on too! LOL!

  7. I love this post. It encapsulates so much of your style! And I like the one that comes next too, and I'd like to tell you about my visit to Boots this week and how Stephen My Optician has now confirmed me as An Old Woman, but the challenging holiness of it makes me stop in my prattling tracks. (I am just so glad that I helped a lady carry two of her shopping bags from Iceland toay...)

  8. Iceland? Now that IS 'going the extra mile' [oh, you meant the frozen food shop, not country]
    Pleased to discover that I am not the only one apparently located in random places when surfing the Net!

  9. Manchester is super. If you visit again let me know!

    According to these widget 'placeometer' thingies I've come from - Stockport, Milton Keynes, Belfast and London. Never has it been the right place. The nearest has been Manchester, which is only 20 miles out! I think it must be wherever your internet provider is routing the signal (or whatever it's called!).


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