Monday 22 November 2010

Meatballs 101

Off to IKEA this morning [at last! been trying to manage this on a Monday for weeks, but we’ve been very busy with funerals and stuff]

piping set Did not spend too much – Bob got some Candles for the Church Advent services. I treated myself to a new piping bag and nozzles – my frugal attempts to economise with a plastic sandwich bag haven’t really worked. [£4.99 as opposed to Lakeland £10.99]

And in the food section, I bought a bag of meatballs

ikea meatballs2

Lynn mentioned in her post on Saturday that she had just eaten them for the first time. I love them – and usually buy a bag when I go [two bags if there’s an offer]

I always used to cook them in the oven – but of late have sometimes used my mate Rachel’s suggestion and heated them speedily in the microwave. But I love them for their versatility. So for Lynn, and other IKEA Meatball Newbies, here are some alternative ways of serving

  • SWEDISH As per the shop - with chips/boiled potatoes, and a spoonful of lingonberry jam. You can buy the pukka IKEA cream sauce, or just stir a spoonful of cream or natural yogurt into gravy!
  • ITALIAN Heated through in a tomato sauce [homemade or from a Dolmio-type jar] and served over pasta
  • CHINESE With a sweet and sour sauce [again home-made or jar] with rice on the side
  • LEBANESE Cook the meatballs on wooden BBQ skewers with peppers, cubed aubergines, tomatoes, onions etc and serve over couscous.
  • TURKISH Cook and serve with dips of mint&yogurt, hummus, some pitta bread, and a green salad, mezze-style
  • ENGLISH Serve with buttery mashed potatoes, peas and carrots, and rich brown gravy
  • IRISH Make a ‘beef’ casserole, using meatballs and a can of Guinness, mixed veg, and finish with dumplings or a scone/cobbler topping.

We saw Carole and John [Rachel’s MIL & FIL] in the store. Will look forward to hearing what they purchased! Like Lynn, I also bought napkins. More about them later in the week…

[btw that strange U-shaped object on the piping bag picture is a cake slicer, not an instrument of torture]


  1. in a sub roll
    mixed with a shop bought curry sauce
    on top of a great big salad
    chopped up on pizza

  2. Oh, I love meatballs! I had no idea that Ikea sold them--more reason to go shop there one of these days!


  3. Have no suggestions for the meatballs- haven't tried them- will rectify this when go soon for napkins!! Just read your comment on tin eating chez Left-Handed Housewife and headed straight over for the full report!!

  4. Aah thanks Angela :) I have to admit as I awaited sleep last night I mentally (now that could be taken either way - lol) went through the contents of my freezer and thought "now what shall I do with my IKEA meatballs?" Which is the first time I have had to ponder this! Now I can just refer back here - cheers!

  5. I deel a bit like 'Angela, wife of Bob Almond'! However we bought a stainless steel egg whisk for under £1 and 2 computer chairs to support our aging backs. The shoe cupboard we wanted was out of stock! I know we should have checked but we also wanted a day out!


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