Friday 26 November 2010

To Be Read At Your Own Convenience

7 old ladies stuck

Oh, dear, what can the matter be?
Seven old ladies were locked in the lavatory;
They were there from Monday 'til Saturday,
And nobody knew they were there

Which was a daft song sung in my youth. There are heaps of verses, but I never got past verse 1 [at which point my Mum would usually stop me and suggest I sang something better!]

I was astounded to read this story on the BBC website this week. It concerns a resident of Epinay Suous Senart near Paris. A 69 year old lady was trapped in her bathroom for twenty days, surviving on tap water. She could not alert anyone to help her – and so, living in a block of flats, she decided to bang on the pipes at night, thinking that they would hear the disturbance when it was quiet, and come and investigate. What I found most distressing was the fact that nobody came to find out where the banging was coming from.

NO – in fact, they started a petition to stop this thoughtless resident from doing noisy DIY during unsocial hours!! Eventually, somebody realised she hadn’t been seen for a while and the firemen broke in and rescued her.

french fireman

A neighbour said

"You could hear banging sounds, like a hammer, even at night," one neighbour told local media. "But we thought they were doing work at night. We said: 'They are going too far! They are preventing us from sleeping!' If we had known....'"

What kind of neighbours are they? Surely the first course of action with noisy DIY-ers is to pop round and say “Excuse me, please could you stop banging at night, it is disturbing me” THEN if they say ‘No’, maybe start a petition. If somebody had tried that approach they might have discovered much sooner that the lady was trapped. I am glad the lady is recovering

Well done, French Firemen!

When we were on holiday in Paris in 2006 we saw a parade which included soldiers, police and firemen. I was a little concerned to see that even the firemen appeared to be carrying weapons. But Bob assured me they were probably just Water Pistols!


  1. Unbelievable. Was this in Paris? I'm amazed that she survived that long, poor lady.

  2. How sad, that must have been an awful experience.

    Cute song - did you actually know all those words when you were a kid? Blessings, Peg

  3. Poor lady! Good she was "finally" found.

  4. Hi Angela , I have been looking for a email site on your blog but--I see no sign .

    I want to thank you for the flowers you so kindly left on my doorstep ,what a very kind gesture, I,m sorry you came while I was out .I shall post my telephone numbr to you . We must have tea or coffee together sometime .

    Once again thank you so much--cottonreel

  5. I have just been reading your post re, bread pudding . When I was a girl there was a cinema just off Barclay Street called the Westleigh , I would go there with a friend Saturday mornings . Because sweets were rationed my mum would give me a slice of bread pudding to eat while watching the film . A crusty side piece was a real treat--cottonreel


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