Saturday 27 November 2010

Let It Snow…

I’ve just made a fast Round Trip to Cornerstones – left at 4pm after the Pastoral Committee yesterday, got back at 1.45pm today. I intended to spend longer there, but when I woke this morning, it was snowing there, and here in Leicester, so I decided to return a little earlier than planned [which meant cancelling lunch with Chris- but we can do that another time!]

I put evergreen wreaths on the front and side doors, my “Light of The World” sign in the kitchen window at the front, my illuminated star [on timer] in the side window, and hung Christmas bunting down the hallway. And left the heating on ‘minimum’ to stop everything freezing up.


I delivered cards to the neighbours, and was sad to hear that Daphne [she was 100 last spring] died last week. I did one or two other tasks – more on that next week - and began reading a new book

garnet angel

This has been on my shelf for ages, but Jim’s recent post on Living Wittily inspired me to sling it in my overnight bag. I would happily have sat in bed till 10am this morning, reading and drinking coffee, but as I say, there was snow.

There was snow on the ground last night when I arrived, and my SIL regaled me with tales of being stuck in Tesco's for 3 hours as a nearby accident on the A47 meant police were restricting the exit from the Supermarket Car Park. [The idea of being trapped in Tescos for three hours actually seems worse to me than being ‘kettled’ in a student demo…] Just round the corner from our bungalow, there was an abandoned car which had apparently skidded into a ditch.

The back garden at 7.30am



On my way home I usually stop here and pick up some eggs


Today the sign was snow covered and all the trees looked like they were auditioning to appear on Christmas Cards!


Horror of horrors! I put the dozen eggs on to the tray – then realised I did not have the right money. After a short dither, I put in what change I had, plus a note with my name and address saying “IOU 10p, very sorry, will pay next time, in December” I know it was only a trivial amount, but I would not want the people at the farm to think that I was deliberately cheating!

The village looked quite charming – but I imagine that a lot of folk do not like the wintry weather as it makes travel difficult. Norwich Airport was closed today due to snow.

The journey back along the A47 was a lot easier than the journey out – the scenery was so pretty and the roads were all clear – but lots of mucky slush being thrown up has left my car very dirty. [Was it Mae West who said “I was pure as the driven snow, then I drifted” ?]

Bob is still working hard on all the connections for the PA system at church. It should all look wonderful when the refurbishment work is finished.

I should be unloading the car and doing other stuff…


  1. Make a cocoa, sit in front of the fire and relax...I intend to do that until spring!
    Jane x

  2. My goodness, this looks like a repeat of last year's weather.

  3. i have snow envy, it looks beautiful. we don't get 'real' snow in cornwall, glad to hear the trip went well

  4. Wow all that snow, I love how snow makes places look so pretty. We might not get snow here but it is pretty cold at the moment, no heating in the house either so lots of layers required.


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