Tuesday 23 November 2010

Perfect Christmas?

I watched Jamie Oliver offering one street a ‘perfect Christmas’ and thought how brilliant it would be if we could win that for the village. That way the ‘Christmas Lunch’ we provide [free] at the church for people on their own could be super-festive and fabulous [would Jamie come and cook it?] So I entered the postcode of the Church in Main Street [the picture that came up was not our Main Street as far as I could tell].

Then I thought perhaps you had to be a domestic property to qualify. So entered my own street and postcode. That was when I discovered that our street has already been nominated – and the picture that comes up on screen is MY HOUSE!!!!!!

No idea how that happened. At least the cars look relatively clean.

Watch our TV ad

Check it out here!


  1. Oh, I do hope you win! Can't more than one person nominate?

  2. That would be wonderful, I hope you win :)

  3. Good luck - you all deserve it! Blessings, Peg

  4. Anyone can nominate us! The church website gives the full church address.

  5. How exciting! Would you be on TV on Christmas day??

  6. I have added my support, what a wonderful Idea


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