Monday 1 November 2010

We Walk By Faith…


Today is the Baptist Women’s World Day Of Prayer, when sisters all round the world will come together to pray for one another. You can read all about it here

Here at KMFC we are actually having our special service tomorrow, as our Ladies Fellowship meets on the first Tuesday of the month, so it is easier that way. And what matters is whether we are praying, not when we are praying.

I love this year’s logo – I think the footprint combining the flame of the Spirit with the heart of Love is brilliant.

I’ve been busy today preparing a display incorporating the parts of the service [featuring a Bible Study on the fruits of the Spirit, and prayer requests from the 7 continental prayer unions round the world] which will be assembled during tomorrow afternoon’s service.

If any of you readers are in Baptist congregations, please do let me know if you mark this day, and what you do!

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  1. Hi Angela , What a brilliant logo , it,s stunning
    Re the pikelets , I have mine oozing with butter , but if my body is saying no,no,no , then its marmalade or my own preserve made with apple, root ginger lemon and orange zest. This concoction has to be stored in the fridge from making because it is a very loose texture but I add it to yogurt ,rice pudding and all kind of things--cottonreel


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