Saturday 20 November 2010

It’s A Mug’s Game!

So they are already on the shelves- within hours of Prince William and Kate announcing the engagement, souvenir memorabilia was available.

Here are some of the items you can get at the moment

bridgewater mug 2

Emma Bridgewater’s Mug £19.95.Typical style, will match existing EB stuff already in your kitchen. [not that I have any EB!]

crown derby china

Aynsley China’s selection. Rather too fancy for my taste! [Mug £29.95  - limited edition of 2500] Will eventually appear on “Bargain Hunt” no doubt.

asda mug

Asda’s £5 offering [from their Photoshop Gift Section] I suspect these will be at Boot Fairs before long! They look like the sort of thing given away at Trade Shows.

I have no picture of the one I saw on sale in Tesco today. It was utterly tacky, and it looked really cheaply produced.  On the bottom said “Made In China”. So much for this wedding providing “a boost to British Industry and Craftsmanship”

Somewhere I think I may still have a small Wedgwood pin dish commemorating Charles and Diana’s wedding. But I doubt it will ever be worth anything – on eBay it is going for around a fiver. And which seamstress keeps her pins in a Wedgwood Pin Dish anyway?

I am afraid that my mugs get used – and the ones I am fond of get used a lot. Then they chip and their handles break off – and they remain as treasured possession, but holding pens on desks and shelves all round the house. [eg Red Archers Addicts Mug]


This mug is one the girls gave me years ago.

It says

Behind every working woman…

…is an enormous pile of unwashed laundry.


The mug is badly chipped, but still treasured. Actually the laundry mountain is washed, and dried – but has yet to be sorted, ironed and put away!

Are you planning on getting any royal engagement souvenirs

– if so, WHAT ? and if so, WHY ?


  1. I remember being totally enamored with Diana, and followed the planning and wedding closely. But never did get any souvenirs back then. Wills and Kate - well, I'm obviously much older, and they're so young - not as much interest at this end. I just pray that their marriage can last the storms. Wills seems to be such a nice young man, at least in the media.

  2. Well the "memorabilia makers" didn't waste any time! And all the way from CHINA! Good grief, I know what you mean. I don't think we make anything in the USA anymore! It's just terrible. I agree the bottom two from Asda's ~ trade show quality.
    I have a small Wedgewood plate with Charles and Diana on it and an Aynsley China commemorative mug with the coat of arms and family line on it, marriage date, etc. It's pretty. I'll have to see what they are going for on Ebay! I was living in the Middle East and traveling to England quite a bit back then, a lot younger too. Don't think I'll buy anything for William and Kate. I'll pray for them instead.
    Blessings to you,
    Anne :-)

  3. It's complicated here. To buy royal souvenirs you have to go to little Loyalist shops in vaguely scary areas which play sectarian tunes at full volume down the street!

    Mattman came home from school on whatever day that was and said that Mrs Beggs had put Prince Charming up on the whiteboard because his son was getting married. Hmm. Quite ironically apt given all the old ugh that's being raked up already!

  4. Oh gosh,yet more tackyabelia!
    Jane x (praying that every marriage lasts).

  5. Hi Angela, thanks for the comment on my blog, I would appreciate some advice on making ricotta. I usually get it reduced, I don't know if it freezes. I will look up the 'how to' but any advice would help

  6. Yuk !!

    Let's hope we, the UK taxpayer, don't have to pick up any of the bills for this wedding. We're already paying £1.4 million pa for Will's security because he refuses to live on his RAF base like most other officers. At the same time our local authotrities are cutting library budgets, home help services to vulnerable old folk, nursery provision etc. Something is a bit out of balance here.

  7. Thanks for all the comments

    Ricottea recipe here

  8. I haven't seen any souvenir stuff here in the U.S., but at my book club the other night we were all very excited about the engagement in a silly sort of way. We're all old enough to remember getting up very, very early to watch Diana and Charles get married. I probably won't get up to watch William's nuptuals, but they do seem like a nice couple!



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