Friday, 13 May 2011

Stepping Out In Style

A Courier delivered a parcel at 9pm this evening. We don’t normally get deliveries that late. It was from Steph…


So, daughter, here you are…


Not that my toes are the most glamorous, but thank you for indulging your mother’s crazy whim!

Back in the 1970’s WonderWoman  used to be on TV[starring Lynda Carter]. I was teaching in a Comprehensive School then.


I remember one summer afternoon, a 12 year old boy looked up from his maths exercise, and said “Do you watch WonderWoman, Miss?”

I said that I did, and quite enjoyed it. The boy looked at me very seriously  and said “My Dad says you should never trust a woman who tucks her vest into her knickers”

I hope that piece of advice has stood him in good stead in the years since.

I cannot find a picture of WWs toes – she is wearing her red boots in all the photos.

Thanks Steph!


  1. How funny! Your toes look great!

  2. His Dad should have been more worried about trusting a lady who always forgot to put her skirt on :)


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