Saturday, 22 January 2011

24 Hours For Africa

EXACTLY twenty four hours ago, we were busy loading PA gear into the cars, to go to Dave's Annual Africa Aid Folk Night [it happens every January, to raise funds for this charity] We drove to Quorn and set up in the village hall [that’s Quorn the village, not the meat substitute!]


Don’t you just love the gold backdrop? It is actually waste material from a company that prints foiled tee-shirts. Bob set up all his gear whilst others loaded the tables with snacks


Lots of folk came for the Folk Music



Eric The Turtle was fun


The evening was splendid. Bob operated the PA and Matthew and I did the lighting between us. All great fun!

Well over £800 was raised. The concert finished around 11.30pm.

It was after 1am before we had packed up, driven home, unloaded the cars, made mugs of hot chocolate and collapsed into bed.

Back to the church before 10am this morning, for an Africa Aid Knit-In, organised by Val. Janet [who was there early last night to make sandwiches] was there early this morning to prepare food. She is a very hard-working Church Catering Officer. Here’s a load of knitters!


I was too tired for serious hand knitting, so cheated by taking my machine


I managed to knit two stripy baby blankets. here’s the first waiting to be stitched up.


Lots of people made various items – cardis, bootees, hats, blankets etc.


Dave himself came down to talk about Africa Aid and enthuse about last night.


Now I am going to rest with a cup of tea and a magazine!

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  1. I think you will need a rest, that sounds a very active day!


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