Sunday 29 April 2012

Between The Lines


My post about this last Saturday [following on from Foster Mummy’s post] generated lots of comments. I came across LBTL last year too, via Sue’s blog – and she’s collecting sponsorship on her blog. But I have decided that I am not going to participate in the exercise.

I am not knocking the idea – anything that a] encourages people to be aware of poverty and b] raises funds to help those in need is an idea worthy of consideration. But my reasons for opting out are these;

I think that the organisers of LBTL want to raise awareness by making people see how hard it is to live on a food budget of less than £1 a day , and also what little choice those people existing in poverty experience. Due to the lack of income from Supply Teaching this past year, I am already watching my spending very carefully. Therefore I already know that I can provide interesting and varied meals on an extremely tight budget.


For the LBTL challenge to really affect me, I think I would have to restrict myself to just rice and water for 5 days. Or maybe even fast. Right now I do not feel led to do either of those things.

Steph made the interesting point that many of the items featured on the suggested LBTL menu plans are from ‘basics’ ranges in the Supermarkets- and the stores often sell these as ‘loss leaders’ – below their real value, in order to generate other purchases. In which case you are getting more than £5 worth of food – so it isn’t a true picture. I am still pondering on that idea!

But nevertheless, I applaud my friends who are doing the LBTL challenge, and I am supporting them by publicising their efforts and praying for them [and sending off some sponsor money]

I shall be interested to see if LBTL is mentioned anywhere at the Baptist Assembly Meetings next weekend.

Looking forward to being there!

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  1. That's a very good point about the loss leaders - I wondered how some of the suggested items could be so incredibly cheap.

    Still, a very worthy challenge. (Your post made me think long and hard about some of our food purchases.)


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