Thursday 19 April 2012

Pheasant Present!

I had a lovely surprise at school this morning. Yesterday I did a small thing for a colleague, and today she came into the staffroom, and said “Do you like eggs, Angela” When I said I did, she presented me with a boxful – fresh from the hens.

“Just a small thank you” she said.


But look – in the corner there is a smaller greeny-brown one


It’s a pheasant’s egg! The Clarence Court website says

Don’t be put off by pheasant eggs, there is nothing complicated about their use and they are almost as versatile as hens eggs, they’re just smaller and have a richer flavour. I wouldn’t advise using them in baking for example. But they are fantastic hard or soft boiled, added to salads, poached and fried – their flavour makes a great addition to all manner of dishes used in this way, and I think they are the perfect egg to use for Scotch eggs 

It also suggests they are particularly good hard-boiled with a sprinkling of celery salt. Now I just happen to have some celery salt which Jon gave me – so I have suggested to Bob [who likes hard-boiled eggs] that he should have it for his breakfast tomorrow.

That’ll make a cracking start to the day!


  1. Eggs are so gorgeous! I don't think I've ever seen a pheasant egg.

  2. I like your style: brief and informative. Good job!

  3. They get (both sorts) a ringing endorsement from the consumer - toasted soldiers, a little bit of salt, and a good appetite. I had one of each - 4 and a half minutes for the hens egg, and 3 minutes for the pheasant. Very tasty.


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