Wednesday 25 April 2012

Blooming Brilliant!

Steph’s company [SABMiller] is based in Woking, and in the entrance of the building there is always a floral display. Many companies do this, I know – a florist delivers a fresh display every Monday, and the previous week’s flowers are binned.

One of Steph’s colleagues had the bright idea of auctioning the flowers for charity. Now, you have to remember these flowers are already a week old – so their life may be somewhat limited. The scheme started last week – it hasn’t really ‘taken off’ yet – but it was quite exciting to receive a bouquet from Steph as she got off the train last Friday night. [only costing her £2 – that’s my girl!]


As befits a formal display from large foyer, these are what you might call ‘architectural’ in style – two huge ‘Swiss Cheese Plant’ leaves, and some rather exotic blooms. I decided to display them simply in my tall metal flower bucket. I put a sachet of flower food in with them, and they are lasting well.

I think this is a really creative idea- the flowers are recycled, the charity benefits, and the blooms continue to bring joy and colour to people [instead of being binned whilst there is still life in them] Thanks Steph – and your colleague1


  1. I haven't had any fresh flowers in the house since Mothers Day, with all this rain we've been having it could be just the thing to perk me up.
    x x x

  2. What a fabulous idea...and lucky you!
    Jane x


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