Tuesday 10 April 2012

What A Wonderful Day!

Thank you to everyone who has posted such good wishes and kind comments on the previous post [and don’t forget to enter the giveaway by commenting there if you have not done so already]

My day has been fabulous –my crazy husband got up at 7am, brought me a cup of tea in bed, then went for a 5k run round the village! Breakfast included opening of cards and gifts. Bob and Jon went to the timber yard for replacement fence panels, and then we all went off to The Pigs at Edgefield for lunch. There were 11 adults [8 of the party being Jon & family, then 3 of us] However on our arrival, we discovered they were not serving hot food as they had no electricity! Slightly annoyed – Jon had confirmed the booking yesterday and they hadn’t let us know this morning. They booked us into their ‘other place’, The King’s Head in Holt.


When you are four, it can be very tedious waiting for lunch -especially when should have been at 1pm and it is past 2. It is a bit boring when you are 57 as well!

DSCF3562I amused myself by folding the children’s menu into a flotilla of boats for William to play with!

I also promised him that if he ate all his food, I would make a hole in the ordinary sized postcard which would be big enough to go over his Dad’s head. Which I did, then forgot to take a photo. Never mind! We had a good meal.

Then we all drove up to Holkham to wander along the beach [where they filmed ‘Kingdom’ and bits of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

Lots of dead starfish on the sand, sadly – left behind by the tide.


The sky was a brilliant blue – it was 4pm and we had the beach to ourselves almost –hardly anyone else around


Maybe others were put off by the ominous clouds behind the trees? Matt attempted to fly the kite


Liz sat reading on a deserted beach


Jon and Katie speculated about the progress of the rain.Jon was 30 last week, so this was really his family celebration, but it was lovely of them to include Boband myself in the Day Out.

But it seemed to blow away inland, and as we walked back to theCar Park the sky above us was still bright and blue


When we got back to Cornerstones, there was a parcel hidden by the side door, from best friend Christine. I’ve had some amazing presents and cards…


Liz didn’t know I had borrowed ‘Sew-A-Metre’ from the library recently and speculated about actually getting a copy. It is a brilliant book. Cousin Gill has indulged my love of Marmite. Christine’s gift of a set of matching toiletries will be greatly appreciated, as will the perfume from Bob. And Liz and Steph have also renewed my Real Simple Subscription.A whole year of reading pleasure.

As I am typing this, Liz is making a cake and Jon is putting a light meal together…could I be more cared for? What a Wonderful Day – thank you everyone, near and far, for making it so special!


  1. Enjoy EVERY single minute!
    Jane x

  2. Happy Birthday from all of us. Sounds like you had a lovely day. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. x

  3. Me too! What a day!
    Denise xxx

  4. I mis-read one part about the toiletries...thought they were marmite scented! LOL!

    Belated birthday greetings! (now for a few months we are the same age).

    You've had some really thoughtful presents, maybe a little telepathy going on between Mother and Daughter!

    Have a great week,
    Birthday hugs,
    Sandie xx

  5. Well, happy birthday! How fun!
    Love the pictures of the sea!

  6. I'm dying to know what the postcard trick is....

    Sounds like a wonderful day. I've always loved the beach scenes in "Kingdom" and wanted to stand on those sweeping sands.

    Happy Birthday, and may the year ahead be filled with blessings.

  7. Hello, can I ask - what is Real Simple? Is it a magazine? Thank you

    1. Real Simple is an American Magazine, full of recipes and homekeeping tips, but mercifully free of celebrity gossip!We used to buy it in Borders bookshops, but now can only get it on subscription from the S. That's quite expensive, but my daughters club together each year for my birthday gift. I have 9 years worth of mags and refer to them frequently for recipes - but RS has a great website.

  8. Lovely day! You are truly blessed :)

  9. Looks like you have had a wonderful time - this is my part of the world - grew up near here and I just love it. GGfather was from Holt. xx


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