Monday 9 April 2012

You With Your Small Tumbler…

cup…and I with mine [to paraphrase an old children's hymn]

Our chapel, being firmly nonconformist, goes in for individual communion cups, no alcohol, and the Deacons carry the trays to the worshippers in the pews.


We have a team of people who help prepare the Communion Table before the service. It takes quite a while for the ladies to fill all these little cups,but they do it so cheerfully - and dutifully collect them all from the pews afterwards and wash them up. We use Sainsbury's Grape Juice – and that gets very sticky! The Communion Team were really excited a few years back when Bob bought them a present from the Christian Resources Exhibition. This is a wonderful dispenser- you fill it to the required level, then give it a little squeeze and the correct amount is deposited neatly into the cup. No splashy jugs, no drips and spills.

stockistin action

In fact they were so thrilled that they asked for a second one to save time. [You can purchase them online here and here – although at Crex we paid less than half that price]

But then disaster- the top went missing from one of the bottles, rendering it useless. So top marks to Carole V [yes, Vivien in Connecticut, your old College friend] who had a flash of genius.

The top from a plastic milk bottle fits perfectly. Voila!


With all the extra communion services which happened around Eastertime, this was a wonderful repair saving us the cost of buying a replacement. Thanks, Carole!


  1. Necessity is the mother... well, I'm not sure that you can call that an invention but it was definitely a creative cure!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. If it gets disaproved of, wouldn't it be non-conformist to have alcohol? So many rules!

  3. This is exactly what I remember when I was growing up. The communion cups were glass and I remember my mother taking all those tiny glasses home and washing them by hand until my dad made a special wire cage to hold them that fit it the dishwasher. Now they are plastic and get thrown away after the service. We always used grape juice too.


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