Wednesday 4 April 2012

Making A Meal Of Things

rain on window

It has rained all day [with occasional sleet and snow showers] and it has felt cold. Therefore I decided we needed a dessert which wasn’t “yogurt or fruit”

I dug out my trusty and battered copy of Bernadine Lawrence’s wonderful book “How to feed your family on £4 a day” [which she published- and I purchased back in 1989] to look for some inspiration.



And there on page 48 I found the answer. Cornmeal pudding.  Cornmeal and sugar in the cupboard, milk in the fridge. That’s all I needed.

I decided to use some of my homemade applesauce rather than jam. The recipe serves four, so I made half quantity. Bob eyed it suspiciously. “This smells like wallpaper paste” he said. Then we both ate some. “And it tastes…” Hysterical giggling from both of us.

I recovered my composure and went into High Dudgeon Mode “Look!” I said “It is cold and wet and miserable out there. So I thought it would be good to serve up a pudding which is hot, and filling and inexpensive” and I waved the book in his face [my pud looked exactly like the picture, apart from that lovely blue and white Cornishware bowl]

“Well, it’s most of those things” Bob conceded.

“Which isn’t it, then? It’s hot, it’s filling and it’s dirt cheap!”

“But it isn’t pudding!” declared Bob, spooning more applesauce over his bowl, in an effort to make the stuff more palateable.

You can’t win em all!

For obvious reasons I am not bothering to give you the recipe [but if you should run out of wallpaper paste, please get in touch and I will email the details to you]


  1. Oh dear, Ang! I made bread once in middle school and my mother told me it was made of wallpaper paste... she felt they were under-educating us if they led us to believe that bread was made of nothing more than flour and water.

  2. I've got that book lurking about somewhere, and now I'll know not to try that particular recipe!

  3. I LOVED that book - yet I never ever made anything from it as it all sounded - well you know! But it did help me to learn how to budget - I bought it in '89 and have only this year donated it to the charity shop.

  4. Which just goes to show that if something looks suspiciously "inexpensive and filling" in the book, it's probably not worth wasting your milk !!
    Cold custard and apple sauce make a nice dessert !!

    1. I think that is probably what I will make next time!!

    2. Try with cream or flavour with cocoa for chocolate polenta or for a vitamin packed breakfast add dried fruit or simply flavour with honey and sprinkle with nutmeg.

      Last of all add that special ingredient - Love! Yummy!

    3. Thanks Bernadine, chocolate or cocoa would be a good addition


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