Monday 16 April 2012

Please May I ?

say thank you…

  • to all of you who sent such kind birthday wishes
  • to Millie from New World who sent me a lovely ‘Olive’ magazine – it was waiting on the doormat when we got back from Cornerstones
  • olive magazine may 2012
  • to Adrian and Marion for a lovely evening yesterday, with a great meal and gorgeous birthday gift
  • to Liz and Jon for a super week at Cornerstones with us
  • to Catriona for answering so promptly when I sent an urgent message at 7am on Friday about a friend in Scotland who was very ill [pleased to report that he is making good recovery – so thank you God, too!]
  • to Bob for driving all the way back to KM, whilst I was busy in the passenger seat, knitting furiously! My holiday project is almost completed. Finished pictures soon, I hope
  • pattern 9202
  • to everyone who entered my Celebration Giveaway.

I just dismantled the Easter Egg Sculpture, filled the blue bowl with the names, and asked Bob to do the honours and select somebody



And the name that came out was Please May I ? So if you email me your address, the goodies will soon be on their way.


We have just gone through our diaries together- the next few weeks seem busy as ever. Baptist Assembly, SATS, Jubilee Celebrations, and Holiday Club all approaching alarmingly fast.


  1. Congratulations to "Please May I" for winning the Celebration Giveaway....

  2. You deserved the birthday messages lovely lady. x
    Congratulations to Please May I for winning your fab giveaway.

  3. Love the look of the magazine. UK mags are extremely expensive here in Canada, but I do love them.

    Congratulation to "Please May I"

    Have a wonderful week,

  4. Oh I love the Baptist Assembly- isn't blogging the closest thing to actually being the fly on the wall finally?!

  5. Thank you , you have made my day! So pleased you had a lovely birthday.

    I shall email my address shortly.

    X x


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