Monday 23 April 2012

Fun, Fun, Fun…

finding fun

Carolyn at Mess, Muddle and Fun is proposing a blogfest of fun – each week [from April 27th for six weeks] she will suggest ideas which will be [she says]

evocative of the fun we had as children, the joy in the process rather than the product, ideas to take us back to a time when how good we were at something didn't matter, the only important thing was… we [had] fun doing it….aiming for childlike rather than childish

I enjoy Carolyn’s blog – she is a talented lady and writes with enthusiasm about life, faith and creativity. So I think I may join in!


  1. *blushes*
    Thanks you very much Angela.

  2. Sounds a good one! Anything which evokes happiness should be applauded!

  3. This sounds really exciting, I've popped it on my bloggy to. Looking forward to it :)

  4. Thanks for the link - I'm joining in now!

  5. Sounds good- fits one of my words for 2012!


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