Wednesday 25 April 2012

That Sinking Feeling

There was an amazing story on the BBC Website yesterday about a Chinese teenager walking down the street.


The pavement fell away beneath her and she plunged out of sight, initially being knocked unconscious.

A cab driver saw what happened, stopped his car, and went down into the hole to comfort her, and stay with her till rescue teams got them out. It is believed the hole was caused by subsidence due to underground water erosion.

What an awful experience for the girl – and what a great guy!


  1. In contrast to the recent newspaper articles claiming that people are too scared to help youngsters, in case they are thought to be paedophiles. What a good man.
    Funnily enough this is all over the French news as well.

  2. I saw this on the news this morning.What a hero but what a scary thing for the girl.


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