Tuesday 3 April 2012

Oyster Card = Destroy Car?

All that anagramming on April Fool’s Day led me to this wonderful map [You can find the whole tube map here]


I have wasted hours spent ages working out the different stations. Liz and Jon live near Aleph & Tentacles. Steph and Mark are close to Puny Estate and Debuting Prey!

We’ll be in London at the beginning of May for the annual Baptist Assembly Meetings, Must dig out my Oyster Card before then.

oyster card

Why are some anagrams particularly satisfying?

  • carthorses = orchestras
  • wheatmeal = whalemeat
  • cat flap = flat cap

That’s quite apart from the anagrams of people’s names

Flit on Cheering Angel = Florence Nightingale

Do you have a favourite anagram?

Can you make an appropriate anagram from your own name?


  1. I made your map picture my lsptop background screen for a bit. It's making me smile everytime I pass by :)
    x xx

  2. Oh gosh, I could spend hours on this too, although I'd have to consult the real thing for help. I love tube maps, and carry one in my coat pocket at all times, just to remind me that I've really been there and may one day go again.

  3. Er ... at the risk of being disgusting, what about the anagram for Vimto - easy to work out!!


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