Sunday 15 April 2012

Not Meg, Or Mog, But Moses!

The book I bought [brand new, but only £2.50] in Fakenham Parish Church Book Sale on Thursday was this…


I love JP’s artwork, and have had his Christmas and Easter books for a number of years. This one uses text from the King James Version of the Bible, and retells a number of Old Testament stories.


Don’t you just love the crocodile eating the oa?


JP uses silhouettes and shadows to great effect


The book had some great reviews when it came out

“Pienkowski is a genius - He can do fabulously delicate silhouettes and he can do big, bold and colourful....the result is a humorous unsqueamish presentation of Old Testament stories for very young children.” Boyd Tonkin - Independent

“Pienkowski uses the traditional language of the Old Testament for stories such as the Tower of Babel and Joseph and his coat of many colours, matching this with his vivid 'Meg and Mog' style in-your-face illustrations. A real meeting of old and new.” Pet O'Connell - Evening Echo

It presents some of my favourite OT stories in an accessible way. Money well spent!


  1. Looks easy to read! Lovely illustrations

  2. The illustrations are indeed lovely. Some of the KJV verses will need explaining to little ones, but it is still a superb book - and the typefaces used are very legible.

  3. Wow, I didn't know he did this! I'm on the look-out now!!

  4. I love the KJV - it's what I grew up with and I still feel that no other version can match it for lyricism and beauty of phrasing.

    I also love Samson's hairy armpits and the air of debauchery that pervades that picture.

    The Sheba illustration is beautiful.

  5. The drawings are stunning. I still have a lot of my youngests bible books and bible stories. I hope she may want them for her children one day.

    X x


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