Wednesday 11 April 2012

Hot Cross Puddings

Take two slightly stale leftover Hot X Buns


Slice and butter them, and cut each half into twelve ‘cubes’.

Make up ¾pint of liquid in a jug, using one egg, 1tbsp, and milk [and any leftover cream if there is some in the fridge] beat well.

Divide the cubes between four cups/ramekins/whatever.

Pour the liquid over. Sprinkle with some demerara sugar


Bake 20 minutes in moderate oven till puffed up and golden.

Serve with cream, custard, icecream, natural yogurt, etc.


So much better than just putting them in the bin!


  1. A type of fancy bread and butter pudding! Looks lovely and definitely better than throwing away.

  2. You're more inventive than me - I would have cut them in half and toasted them! They definitely wouldn't have gone in the bin though - I have a weakness for hot cross buns, and made another batch last night.

  3. Yum!! Looks so comforting & delicious!! Good job saving the buns!

  4. Love leftover recipes. They are always great.


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