Thursday 25 February 2016

Bag Lady

I saw the Cath Kidston "Doctors Bag With Patches" and I wanted one. So 4 years ago, I made my own, using an ancient corduroy bag, and badges from my Stash. I have been very pleased with it. It holds loads, it squashes down nicely and has a small zip pocket inside to hold keys, pen and phone.

But the original bag is well over ten years old, and has started to disintegrate.The suede piping round the edge covers a metal wire, and that has started to come out. It is not a good idea to have sharp wires protruding! The buckles keep unfastening too, which is inconvenient. I was reluctant to discard it, as it is so useful. Then I went into our Cancer Research CS, where they were having a sale - everything £1. I got a Fat Face Bag for just £1!!

I have always hankered after something from FatFace, but it's a bit expensive to buy new. Anyway, I removed all the patches from the old bag - discarded some of the tatty ones, added in a few others from my Stash. I moved the two school badges to the sides [not teaching there anymore] And now I have a new Patch Bag all ready to go.


  1. I like this idea. I have so many Brownie and guide badges that need sewing onto something. I've toyed with the idea of a comp blanket or a bag. Might go for the bag.

    1. I decided a bag would get more use than a blanket. And charity shops always have suitable ones going cheaply.

  2. I love FatFace too, and have a bag that I use most days - but it was a cast off from one of the girls, so didn't cost me a penny! I also have a jumper that the EFG bought me for Christmas - I think she maybe got a discount connected with the uni... I love your bags - personalised as well as trendy!

  3. Just perfect for carrying baby wipes and juice bottles and small toys and books and....

  4. I love all the Girls Brigade badges. I still have all mine sewn on my old arm band and sitting in a cupboard in KM.

  5. That's v cool! I bought 2 exclamation mark patches from Mr Wolf in Hexham last week so I can embellish the collar of another of my shirts like you did to my question mark shirt! Jenny Maizel patches ate fab!!x


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