Monday, 1 February 2016

Say Cheese!

I completely forgot I had't posted about this one! I don't really eat cheese, but we often serve a cheeseboard when we have guests

very curvacious!

Bob had brought a lovely piece of wood with him when we moved last year - I can't quite remember its origins. Anyway, he cut and shaped some cheeseboards with his router. It is hard to photograph, but the edges were beautifully rounded. 
He cut a shallow recess to hold the cheese knife, then fixed a super-magnet above it. The whole board was rubbed with food safe oil to preserve its surface.We found some lovely knives in a kitchen shop in Norfolk - and he ended up making five of these as Christmas presents. As you can guess, they were well received!

And I made some chutney to go with them


  1. What a lovely gift! We have a beautiful slate board that friends gave us but, like you, only really use it when we have friends for a meal.

  2. What an amazing present to receive!!! My mum bought us a cheese board last year and we loved it!!!!x

  3. What lovely gifts. What a creative couple you are!!

  4. What a thoughtful gift, I would be so touched to receive something produced with so much love. What a talented pair!


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