Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Stick Yer Finger In Yer Ear...

...and go TIng-a-ling-a-loo
Stick yer finger in yer ear, and go TIng-a-ling-a-loo
Just like old Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo
Stick yer finger in yer ear, and go TIng-a-ling-a-loo

We used to sing this to the children when they were tiny. I never knew any other verses [but it appears to have been recorded by Benny Hill - who sang about Nelson at the Battle - despite the fact he died ten years before!] I thought about the song last week when I dug out some soft toys from a box in the loft. I gave them a thorough wash and then let them dry on the radiator. 
Snoopy was one of my 21st birthday presents, I cannot remember where the blue and yellow puppet was from - and the monkey was a gift to baby Liz from my brother Adrian.

In the best tradition of Uncles, Adrian has always given great gifts. The monkey's label declares his name is Rutherford [we approved of a soft toy named after the father of nuclear physics] His wonderful digits fit into his ...erm...facial orifices. He can indeed stick his finger [or toe] in his ear, or his thumb in his mouth

And yes, to the great delight of both uncle Adrian and niece Liz [and disgust of my Mum] Rutherford can also stick his finger up his nose! I shall endeavour to be Very Laid Back when my grandchild discovers this.

I am amazed to find these are selling for around £20 on the internet as 'vintage toys'. Not planning on selling this one though.


  1. Love the cute toys! I used to really get sad to see my toys being called "vintage" but now I am even sadder to see my children's toys called "vintage"!

  2. Absolutely brilliant. I've never heard of your rhyme though.

  3. My kiddies would find that monkey hilarious! Anything remotely gross has them in stitches.
    It's all about bogies and farts in my house lol


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