Monday, 8 February 2016

What's Afoot?

People have different opinions about footwear inside the house.

  • some go barefoot
  • some wear socks
  • some wear slippers
  • some wear their everyday shoes

Now that I have a lovely soft bedroom carpet, I do skip about barefoot in the mornings and the evenings - most of the time I wear my slippers in the house, and sometimes if I am dressed up to go out [or have just come back in] I may stay in my shoes for a while. I rarely go about in stockinged feet, in case I slip over. 
Lots of my friends have a 'no outdoor shoes in the house' rule. I try to remember to take my slippers with me when I visit them. And there's always a heap of shoes by the front door.

So I was interested to discover that not a million miles from here, there is a company which makes shoes to keep by the back door. This came about, according to their website because "As far back as I remember my wife, the kids and I spent so much time rushing in and out of the garden through the kitchen door in all weather getting soggy socks and then walking onto the carpets to find dark grubby patches appearing daily - always a bone of contention!!" 
I don't know why they were running around in their socks all the time, in and out of doors. But I do see that it makes sense to have 'outdoor' footwear. My last pair of slippers did not have waterproof soles, and if I forgot and went out to the dustbin, or to retrieve a can of food from the shelf in the garage, my feet got damp. My current slippers [blue suede ones, above] have got decent soles- but I rarely go outside in them. I keep a very old pair of clogs by the back door.

These are ancient [purchased for £5 in a sale in 2002] and used to be a smart beige colour. They have been through the washing machine a couple of times. But they are comfortable, and the rubber soles underneath are fine. It takes moments to step out of my slippers and into these. 

The posh ones produced by this local company are cute to look at - but at £20 a pair I really don't think I shall be buying any. I have wellies for serious wet weather and gardening. 
What do you wear on your feet around the house? And do you have shoes by the back door to put on for trips outside to the recycling bin?


  1. I wear a pair of lined crocs as slippers. A bit ugly but great for nipping out into the garden. And the lining comes for washing.

  2. I wear slippers in the house. I have an really old pair of garden clogs I leave upside down in an old bucket outside the back door, these have split so they are going to have to go to the clogmaker in the sky, undecided what to replace them with. Its so easy to slip out of my slippers and slip into my clogs for anything that needs doing either in the garden or even nipping to the coal house.

    When my children were small they did not wear shoes or slippers in the house and more often than not went barefoot..... my youngest daughter keeps a pair of old slippers here to put on when she comes, at home she wears two pairs of socks, going out side she has wellies.

    Have you seen the price of wellingtons £20+ for a decent pair .....ouch......

  3. I have the same blue slippers in your photo! But in the evening I put on furry 'boots'for extra warmth.

  4. I do have slip on shoes by the back door and my shoe cupboard is by the front door. I wear a pair of mary janes in the house, I do have slippers but they are for first thing in the morning before my eyes are open.

  5. As the house is centrally heated I tend to wear just socks around the house - I've yet to find slippers which actually look smart enough for me to shell out good money on them, and also support my feet (their very name 'slippers' makes me shudder and think of myself slipping and sliding about in them, and they are not particularly safe when going up and down stairs unless they fit as well as a good pair of shoes, so if I don't wear socks, I wear shoes but make sure that the soles are clean.)
    Margaret P

  6. I have slip on slippers for inside the house and plastic flip flops by the back door for going outside.

  7. Old pink Land's End plastic clogs for indoor use, proper shoes for going out the front door and into the world, and wellies by the back door for popping into the garden in this horrible weather!

  8. I use cheap croc type shoes for going into the garden. Last year I managed to find some garden clogs in Aldi or maybe Lidl.They were jolly good value and ideal for gardening or just popping to the bins

  9. Being from south Texas, originally, I am a barefoot kind of gal. Living in north Texas now requires that I cover my feet a little more often. Our floors are travertine and the hardness is really bad for my arthritis so I have taken to wearing crocs or a lovely pair of slip ons that I found at SAS (San Antonio Shoe Company). I bought them for general wear but they are so comfy that I bought a pair of gold metallic ones for inside the house. They work nicely but I still think "barefoot".

  10. Barefoot in the summer when warm enough with a pair of sandals at the back door for going into the garden; in the winter need warm slippers, have boring beige moccasins and a fun pair of John Lewis slippers with pink pom-poms.
    Would like just socks but scared of slipping, sometimes think I would like a light indoor shoe as better for feet.

  11. We keep garden shoes on the floor inside the coat closet by the back door which is located in our family room. I switch between wearing slippers, socks or bare foot in the house depending on how cold it is etc. I do not wear my outdoor shoes inside.

  12. I have a pair of mock Crocs that I bought for £2 in the Tesco sale in 2007 for going put into the garden etc. CBC wears them too if he needs to go out. They were a great £2 investment.x

  13. This is all very sensible. I go barefoot in the house and if I need to nip out in the back garden, I do so in bare feet and then regret it the moment I step outside.

  14. I bought a pair of mock "Ugg boots" in Noz which are wonderfully cosy, so I wear those around the house. They have good soles too so they're fine for going out to the bin. I have always worn slippers - this house is a chilly building, with tiled or wood floors. Slippers are a necessity. With socks one would indeed slip!


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