Tuesday 2 February 2016

Cut, Roll, Fold, Recycle...

Our Coffee and Craft session yesterday ended with two ideas for recycling. Turning old Christmas Cards into little boxes, and using old magazines to make pots.
Alison demonstrated the latter- putting rolls of paper round a peanut butter jar to make an attractive pencil pot/plant holder/ whatever. You simply use Pritt to stick down the paper as you roll it firmly round a pencil - then cut and attach to the jar. Really attractive - especially when cut at interesting angles 

My craft involved making gift boxes from old cards - you use the front for the lid, the back for the base. Cut the largest square you can from the front, and one with slightly shorter sides [reduce by 6mm] from the base. It needs to be smaller so the lid will fit over. Here are some pictures of the ladies making their boxes. They are an ideal size for small gifts - like jewellery - or for table favours, you could pop a chocolate coin or two inside - or you could fold up a banknote or two!

Do email me if you would like the instruction sheet for the boxes


  1. What a great idea for recycling cards, have you posted the instructions previously or am I being dense in not quite following the procedure to get to a finished box? My Christmas cards have already been recycled but it would also be a good technique for other times of year with different cards. I just love recycling & repurposing. Vee x

  2. The pot is lovely. I would love to have he instuctions for the little boxes. They would be useful come Christmas fair time.


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