Saturday, 6 February 2016

Book This Date

Today is National Libraries Day - so get down to your local branch and bury yourself in a book!  If we don't use our libraries, we will lose them. I understand that the Ferndown Branch is due for a visit from the Gruffalo sometime this morning. Find out about what's on in your area here

Books are so precious, and so important. I believe passionately in encouraging young children to read. One of the best bits about becoming a Grandmother will be the delight of sitting down to read books with my grandchild. And if you learn to love reading as a child, that love stays with you into adulthood. I love the Judy Blume quote...


  1. Thanks for highlighting this day, I didn't know it was National Libraries Day. It's so important to keep using our libraries, isn't it?

  2. I registered for my local library but I've not used it. Annoyingly, it being a mile and a half from me, I haven't got anything out, I've gone there a few times in search of something specific but they've never had it.Xx

  3. I firmly believe that my eldest Granddaughter's love of reading was nurtured by me signing her up at the library when she was only 3yrs-old. She loved the concept of handling all the books and choosing one or two to take home,then handing over her library card to the librarian to have the books checked out. She's an avid reader now, though obviously I can't take all the credit for that (except in my head!). I love buying books for the little one too. You will absolutely relish reading to yours too, Angela. It's such a precious time when you have their undivided attention shared through a book.x


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