Tuesday 23 February 2016

Who's Been Sitting In Bob's Chair?

Being very tall, and long of leg, Bob finds many office chairs a little uncomfortable after a while. So some time ago, he purchased a relatively expensive one which was just the right size. It has proved very comfortable. But the seat fabric had worn and shredded.
He took the fabric off [it is attached with hooks and springs to the underside] and brought it home from the Church Office.
 As you can see, there are quite a few holes, and some of the yellow foam was coming away.
I had a small amount of denim left after the ottoman recover 
So I made a pattern using the old cover, and cut out a new piece. The colour matches pretty well, and he is very pleased. 

That's saved us £200 for a new one!


  1. Great reason for the maintaining of a stash! Well done, you, as always. You remain a complete inspiration. I feel actrually quite smug as recently I made a template from the old lining of a basket and then relined said basket in very nice (received from a blog) tuile de jouy. Goodness, I feel all Ang!

  2. You've made a good job of that. I have a chair that will need the same treatment, I'm hanging on a bit longer.


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