Thursday 11 February 2016

Flippin' Good Fun!

I lost count of how many people came to the pancake party on Tuesday evening - but I started out with a stack of 50 paper plates, and by the end, I was getting out regular plates because there were still more guests arriving. Bob cooked well over 100 pancakes - we stopped counting! 

Our youngest guest was 3, and our oldest almost 90. After they had all gone, we sat and watched "Back in Time for the Weekend" which I had recorded earlier.  It was interesting hearing the family say that one of the good things in the 1960s was being together as a family, all the age groups mixing together. 
I am grateful that such good times can still happen, even in the 21st century - and cross generational events can be enormous fun. And I didn't see any of the teenagers huddled in corners using their mobile phones either - they were helping the children, and serving pancakes to the older folk, and chatting to everyone.

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