Thursday 18 February 2016

Two Plus Two

Here are four of the craft books I have been looking at recently
The top two  - Fa-la-la Felt, and Stash Happy Felt came from the Wimbledon Sewing Machine [sadly closed] near to Steph's place. 
I saw the other two recently in Ferndown Library; Super Cute Felt, and Stash Happy Applique I am glad I own the top two, there is plenty in them which has given me ideas for projects. 

I am not so sure about the library books, to be honest! The applique book seems to be mostly more felt ideas. The little gnome is cute [but he is mostly felt] There's a lot of repetition between the books - you can only have so many felt bird garlands hanging around!
But now I am going to get really picky - why do they not use proper proof readers? It is very frustrating when you look at a project in a book, read the list of materials, and think 'I have got all that in my stash' Then when you look more closely, you notice that the picture of the project, the list of materials, and the instructions don't all match up. e.g. bootees pictured with eyelets and ribbons - neither of which get into the instructions or the materials list. Or there is a throwaway line about using a specific technique, but no clear instructions [or worse, a tool you need to buy for correct completion of the task] 

And if you are making a super cute felt necklace, I think it needs to be shown on a model - not draped across a headboard. I could not work out how this would look when being worn [and found myself cynically wondering if the answer was 'lop-sided', hence the use of a bed and not a neck!!] I did like the applique boats babywear - but thought there were few original ideas in the book. Drawstring bags and placemats are easily found on the net.
These bottom two books are definitely borrow not-buy
Sorry, I'm only rating them both at ** 


  1. These look interesting but I am with you, when instructions are incomplete or wrong it just spoils the whole experience. I like the boats as well.

  2. It's all in the name of 'styling', Ang! But very annoying all the same.


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