Tuesday 2 February 2016

Box Tutorial [Sadly Without Pictures]

I have been wrestling with trying to publish this for ages- and I am sure I am missing something obvious [Bob will tell me the instant he comes home!] but I cannot get the pictures on my instruction sheet to reproduce here. Try it with a square of scrap paper, and if it still makes no sense, please email me and I will send a copy of the sheet

Cut the largest square you can from the front of the card. Cut another from the back—but make the sides 6mm shorter. This makes the bottom of the box smaller so the lid will fit over. Work with wrong side up throughout
Draw diagonals on the wrong side of both squares with pencil and ruler to cross at the centre.
Fold the corners to the centre and crease very firmly.  Use the cross as a guide
Open up [creases marked with dotted line.]  Now fold each corner in turn to the opposite crease point [ The first creases should line up with centre pencil line. Open up.]
Repeat on all four sides
Now fold the corners in to the nearest crease.
Cut out the eight little triangles – two on the middle of each side. Make four more little cuts- all running diagonally bottom left to top right so that the little centre squares in between those triangles you just removed can fold up as flaps.
The shaded centre square is the base.
Fold back the four little corner triangles, crease firmly.
Now fold up the sides in this order.
Top left, and bottom right—fold over so the corner triangle comes to the centre point
There will be flaps sticking out at right angles!
Now fold over top right and bottom left, to enclose those flaps. Again the corners will touch the centre cross. Push down firmly and your box should stay in shape, You can always put a dab of adhesive on the centre cross to hold these points

Now repeat with other part of the box!


  1. Thankyou so much for the instructions, I've read them carefully & think I can visualise what I'm supposed to be doing. The proof of the pudding .... as they say. Thanks again, Vee x

  2. I had trouble inserting images yesterday too. I ended up closing Blogger and then re-opening it - seemed to fix the problem. Cheers

  3. Thanks for the instructions. Will print them off for future use.

  4. Have made these in the past (following instructions from an old Threads magazine), and they're great fun! You can also fuse fabric to the lid paper (before cutting and creasing), and adorn the finished lid with buttons or ribbons.


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