Monday, 29 February 2016

February Fabrications

So here is a round-up of February's Crafting Activities
Top row - my patches bag, my yarn stash organiser, Bob's office chair
    Bottom row - the gidday cardi, Prayer Bear's new jumper [and smile] and a cable sweater for Rosie [for next winter! it seems I was wise to avid knitting newborn sizes as she arrived weighing over 9lbs]
    The cable sweater is yet another from that lovely Sirdar Book. The buttons - which are the same as the ones on the Gidday Cardi- are from the massive bagful which cost me 50p a few years back in a CS. The yarn is Stylecraft Special, which washes and wears well.

Today is Leap Year Day - and my Son-in-Law is celebrating his eighth birthday today. Many happy returns, Mark!


  1. Thanks for sharing your crafting pics, that's very impressive, you've been busy - as ever. What a great buy the buttons were! Have you got plans to decrease the yarn stash? I find as some odds and ands get used up so other oddments appear and my yarn stash continues to grow despite best knitting efforts. What a great hardship it is for me to sit and knit!

  2. Now I know my grandchild is a little girl, I suspect I may do some fair isle stuff to use up the balls of lilac and pink. There is a lot of sock yarn in there, and that may make some Xmas gifts...

  3. I love seeing it all together in one creative beautiful place x

  4. Mark is a leap year baby? You don't meet those v often! Everyone always asks me if mine is really the 29th, being a 28th girl but it wasn't a leap year in my birth year!Xx


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