Wednesday 17 February 2016

No Grounds For Complaint Here

Christmas gifts that are useful, edible, and last well into the New Year [and FairTrade] are great. Such was one of the items which Bob had from Steph this year. A subscription which means he gets a pack of coffee beans [not grounds] delivered for the next few months from CafeDirect
Each pack comes with details about the growers - on Saturday he received some from Peru - produced by a Women's Co-operative. 
There are also notes on the flavour of this particular blend, and a space for you to write your own review.
And because Sunday was Valentine's Day, there was a bonus of two cute Divine Chocolate hearts in the package too!

A lovely gift, one we are both enjoying [thanks Steph!]


  1. My family has gone to buying useable and consumable gifts more and more. Either in the form of homemade gifts -- mostly food -- or gift baskets or even gift cards for restaurants. I think it is perfect and this coffee sounds wonderful. I might look into something like this for my husband.

  2. Thats an excellent idea for a coffee lovers present, must remember that for Christmas time xx


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