Tuesday 26 April 2016

A Cut Above

Recently I was offered a die-cut machine by a friend -it is a Sissix Big Shot . This was her original model, and she has now moved on to more complex machines. She gave me a few dies as well. How incredibly kind!
I purchased a few more dies- a bird, a set of nesting shapes, and a rather beautiful and intricate picture of a couple under a tree.

Then I had a lovely time playing and creating. My initial efforts involved using the various cards and papers I had to hand.
The script was fun, and I like the way you get two sheets with the bird - to make a lining and an overlay. The flower dies are similar. Plus you can emboss as well, to create some texture.

The intricate one took quite a while to master - but it will be useful for weddings, engagements and anniversaries. Have you done any crafting with die-cut machines? and do you have any useful tips, please? Thank you to my friend for a lovely gift.


  1. I've never really understood die cutting, but it looks super. I have an ordinary cutting machine, but have never been brave enough to go further!

  2. I hjaven't got any tips really, as I'm still quite new to it as well, but there's lots of stuff on t'internet. One tip I can offer is :
    don't get so excited in HobbyCraft at the number of dies on offer that you buy an expensive set without checking that they are compatible with your machine. And if you know anyone with a Cricut die cutting machine, I have some dies they might be interested in. Sigh.

  3. I've been wishing for a die cutting machine for ages but worry that it's just another thing to learn how to use and my brain sometimes doesn't like new information input!
    You have made some lovely cards

  4. How lovely to be given this gift, the cards are gorgeous. Sorry, no tips from me as I've never used one. But good luck & thanks for sharing, Vee x

  5. Wow, those are lovely. Looking very professional there.


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