Friday, 1 April 2016

Famous From Ferndown

I have mentioned before that Sir Tim Berners Lee left Oxford and took up his first employment in Ferndown, before developing the worldwide web.

Farrow and Ball Paints, and Dorset Teas both have their headquarters in the town.

Another Ferndown Star is Peter Allis – well known as a golfer, Ryder Cup Winner, Sports Commentator and TV Presenter. 

With his father, Percy, among the finest players of his generation, it was perhaps inevitable that Peter would also make a career in golf. Percy hired teenager Peter as his unpaid assistant at Ferndown Golf Club, allowing him time off during midweek to compete in tournaments. With some degree of success in his first professional tournaments, Peter quickly established himself among the top young players of the time and went on to enjoy a stellar career on the links.

Trivial facts; A variety of potatosolanum tuberosum rex petrus to give it its scientific name – is called 'King Peter'… after Mr Allis. In any Leap Year, if this spud is planted out on the 92nd day of the year, it will always produce a bumper harvest. 

This is known as the Allis Proof


  1. I'm always amazed at how you come up with these things, nearly all true with a slight twist at the end!

    1. Well done for being the only person to notice. Yes, it is ALL true...until the last two sentences. Sadly, I had to mis-spell Alliss to get the anagram to work.


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