Thursday, 14 April 2016

Cereal Killer

I eat breakfast every day - some Saturdays Bob does a great fry-up, High Days and Holidays I enjoy croissants, coffee and o.j. - but most days when I have to get up and get on with life I have a bowl of cereal. Preferably oat-based - porridge, granola or muesli. 
Then last year I cracked a tooth** on a nut in my granola. So I have been eating Jamie Oliver's Awesome Granola Dust instead. It is quite quick to make

1kg regular porridge oats oats
250g mixed nuts
100g seeds
250g dried fruit
1 Tablespoon fresh ground coffee
3 Tablespoons cocoa powder
zest of 1 orange 
Heat the oven to 180°C 
Mix the oats, seed and nuts in a large roasting dish. Toast in the oven at for 10 – 15 minutes, turning halfway through.
Remove from oven, stir in the other ingredients
Blend together in batches in a food processor until it turns to magic granola dust
Store in a glass jar. 

I make half a batch at a time, which fills one large and one small jar.
I used some of my chopped nuts, and almonds and walnuts from my cooking supplies. Seeds are from a mixed pack of seeds [Crownfield cereal toppers from Lidl - including exotic goji berrries] Dried fruit - I used dried cranberries and chopped apricots leftover from a baking session, plus sultanas and a few dried prunes.
The recommended portion is 50g - which is just less than this little silicon pudding bowl. The bowl squashes up into the jar. 
OK it doesn't look that appetising, it is just dust - but I love the taste. 

Following Jamie's suggestions I have tried it 
  • with any sort of milk 
  • sprinkled on yogurt
  • stirred 25g into a cup of hot milk for a drink
  • porridge with 50g to 200ml milk
  • a smoothie - 25g dust, banana,etc blitzed with cold milk
  • pancakes - batter made with 2 tbsp dust, 1 tbsp flour, 1 banana, 1 egg
I find it quite filling [50g supplies approx 400 cals, 15 g fat, 15 g protein, carbs 52 g, sugar 32g, fibre 8g] and sometimes have a small bowl for supper too. I like it with chocolate nondairy oat milk - but it does look a bit like setting concrete!
Jamie explains more in this video clip

**Last week I cracked another tooth- this time on a soft bread roll. However I am not planning on changing to eating breadcrumbs instead just yet.


  1. The granola dust sounds good, I must try it out sometime. In the past my dentist explained to me that the cracked tooth was just waiting to crack, so the mouthful you think caused it probably didn't , it was going to happen anyway. Ouch!

  2. That sounds really nice. I'm always looking for ways to vary our porridge or basic muesli, thanks.

  3. Well done! I wish I liked granola!


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