Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The Rev's Ramsons

No that isn't a typo. Ramsons is another name for Allium Ursinum – which is also also known as buckrams, wild garlic, broad-leaved garlic, wood garlic, bear leek or bear's garlic – is a wild relative of chives. The name comes from the Old English word hramesan, which means onions. And when we had our day working on the garden last week, I discovered we have a patch of these growing in our back garden. I'd actually taken a picture of them on Good Friday afternoon- but only realised later what they were!
I am determined that we will grow stuff in our garden which is either beautiful or edible [or both], and there was even an article in this month's Country Living about ramsons. I picked a mugful, and used it to make a pesto sauce. I stirred that into some tagliatelle, and added some chopped cooked  chicken. It was delicious, and very easy. 
blend in a food processor
I mug of ramsons
50g of chopped mixed nuts**
a good glug of olive oil
you can add parmesan[or other cheese] at this point - but as I don't like cheese, I add grated cheese to Bob's portion when it is served.
This quantity serves four people with 350g of dried pasta. Keep it in a jar on the fridge. It is so fresh and green and garlicky. Best eaten with people you know and love, and not when you are planning to go out and socialise afterwards!
** Sainsburys sell a bag of almonds/walnuts/peanuts @ £1 for 200g, Tesco sell similar for £1.20
Remember; ransoms -  paid to rescue people, and ramsons - wild garlic!!


  1. We have some wild garlic in our garden. I tried the pesto but didn't like it too much. However I do pick it and chop it up and use in stews, roasts, soups but only at weekends when not socialising.

  2. Mmmm! I remember making some exactly this time last year with my friend Ellie!X


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