Thursday 28 April 2016


This weekend I am off to Northampton for Y-Pray, our first ever WWDP Conference aimed at younger women. Yes, of course I am going as a committee member, not as a delegate!
Everyone who attends will get a 'welcome pack'  containing information, and a few treats. Rather than just print off a name label and sticking it on, I have been busy making personalised tags. I chose one of the "rounded-off squares" from my set of nesting dies. A great excuse for more practice withe my Big Shot machine.

Then I took some of the leftover booking forms. I From each I cut out the conference logo, and a matching piece of plain turquoise from the back of the form. I stuck these together, and pasted on a name slip. I laminated and trimmed each tag, then put an eyelet in one corner.
A brightly coloured elastic band threaded through the holes, and all the tags are ready for slipping round the handles of the goodie bags.

I am pleased we could recycle the spare forms to good effect. More stuff about the conference will be following later...


  1. Hope this is successful for you all and that people are encouraged and inspired. Much love x

  2. That sounds interesting. What a nice idea to make the pretty personal tags.

  3. Oooh, what a nice idea!!!. It sounds a great conference!! You should've mentioned it before!!!Xx


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