Saturday, 9 April 2016

Wimbledon Wedding

Last Saturday we were in the elegant setting of Cannizaro House, by Wimbledon Common, for the wedding of my niece Francesca to Fergus

The bride was elegant in a gold lace dress, her sister Rebecca wore a midnight blue dress.  The groom and his brothers wore matching patterned silk ties.  Here's a collage of the happy couple, with siblings and parents.

To complete the roll call of the Almonds...Bob's brother and family [minus my great nephew, who was staying with his other grandparents. Toddlers don't always enjoy weddings]

And our crowd. To misquote AA Milne - "now we are seven."

Here's the cake. I am told that an un-iced wedding cake like this is called a 'Naked Cake'

And another shot of the beautiful bride. 
[To think that I was that slim on my wedding day - not sure I shall ever weigh 7 stone 10 again]


  1. What a beautiful dress the bride wore.
    You looked very chic, Ang.

  2. That wedding cake it utterly dreamy!!! The Almonds look very handsome and pretty. What a gorgeous wedding dress too!!! She looks radiant!!!

  3. Family weddings are great!
    A glowing bride in her beautiful gown with her handsome groom!

  4. You have a lovely family.

    Enjoyed the photos of the wedding that you shared. That wedding cake is amazing, such a change from my day.


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