Friday, 29 April 2016

I Love Lego

It is entirely Steph's fault. She went to a Team Meeting at work, and the amazing cocktails were served with little chocolate Lego Men perched on the top.
There is always room for a little Lego man somewhere. So I decided I should have a go at making my own. [I need to get plenty of practice before Rosie is old enough to enjoy them!]
The silicon tray can be used for chocolate or ice. I melted 16 small squares of chocolate in a Pyrex jug over a pan of water, and that was enough to fill 8 moulds. I used a BBQ skewer to encourage the chocolate into the corners and crevices.

Here is my first little man - turned out very neatly

So then I made a batch of dark chocolate ones as well

I refashioned a box which had held notelets, and put a selection of men inside. You cannot see clearly - but each Lego man is sitting in a neat little card area lined with tissue paper. Clingfilm holds them in place during transit.

Bob thinks they would make toppers for cup cakes too.


  1. Lego. Chocolate. That's your Nirvana right there my friend!

  2. And then you might go on to bigger things? Lego chocolate cars, end to it!

  3. These are so cute and I wondered where you got the mounds from. Thank you for sharing.
    Hazel c uk

    1. Amazon less than two pounds!

    2. Thank you Angela I must have a look they could be good sellers at the church fair next month.
      Hazel c uk

  4. I love Lego too. I also love chocolate. What a great post. Play and eat. Wonderful!

  5. These are great!! I bought a set of alphabet chocolate moulds so I could make personalized chocs for people's birthdays!!x


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