Wednesday 20 April 2016

Poste Restante

In so many novels written in earlier years [especially the glorious 1930's crime novels, by Christie , Sayers et al] people frequently make use of 'Poste Restante' - the service by which mail is sent to the local Post Office and can be collected there. So useful for travellers and detectives [As I look for the culprit, I shall be working in disguise in the Dorset Area - send any mail to the main post office in Christchurch please] I was surprised to find that Royal Mail still offers this facility. I will let you know if I ever require it. 

What made me think about it was arriving at the Church Office last Friday, and Aline, our lovely administrator said "There's a letter waiting for you, from France". She was as intrigued as I was by this unexpected delivery from across the Channel [well, she is half French herself]

It was a wonderful, long, beautifully handwritten letter from a blogfriend, who is trying to send more real letters to people. I felt incredibly honoured to receive such an epistle, full of interesting news, and bits and pieces which don't get into blogs.

But because she didn't have my home address here, she had been very intelligent, and found the address of our church via its website

Bob was very pleased, he and others have been working very hard recently to make our new website attractive and interesting. Do check it out [you can even listen to the sermons]

No, I haven't got round to replying yet - but I will do soon. Another blogfriend letter also came last week - with a packet of seeds inside. People are so thoughtful aren't they?


  1. Proper letters, fading away now, sadly. We need to revive the art.

  2. How lovely to receive a letter! So few people seem to send regular letters these days. Thank you for the link to the Church website. I took a quick look and know will visit again to read more.

  3. That's lovely! Is that from Fatdormouse!?x


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