Tuesday 19 April 2016

Belle Of The Ball

I thought I had left all those Disney Dressmaking tasks behind when we moved from Leicestershire, but it seems I haven't.
A young lady I know had a "Belle" princess dress, but it was rather too small for her. The sizing on these frocks seems rather skimpy, to me. There was a white underskirt, which had a plastic hoop threaded through the hem, like a crinoline.

I needed to make the dress larger in the chest and waist, lengthen it, and also change the underskirt. My friend also has to spend time in her wheelchair, and a rigid circle of plastic does not settle well, but pops up. 
I began by removing the hoop and carefully cutting down the side seams and laying the dress out.

Next I cut panels to insert in each side [the front was brocade, but the back and bodice mostly just plain gold]  and some white panels for the sides of the underskirt. I used golden tulle to make an extension frill, so that the underskirt would still give the dress some shape, but be easier to accommodate when sitting in the chair.
I was pleased with the final result. The dress has been altered to fit, with some growing room - but still looks remarkably similar.

Do you think Rosie will want Disney dresses when she is older? Liz and Steph never desired such things - but I did make other costumes for them when they needed them.


  1. The dress looks lovely. I'm sure Rosie will want Princess dresses when she knows grandma make such beautiful ones.

  2. You did a lovely job altering the dress. I'm sure you'll be more than able to whip up any costumes Rosie will be wanting. :)

  3. Well done Ang. She will be delighted I'm sure.

  4. I like the look of the altered dress best! It looks even more 'Princessy'.
    That is one of the type of things I used to like doing, so satisfying for the recipient and me.
    Well done again xxx

  5. As always a wonderful creation fit for a princess!

  6. Well done!!! You are brilliant Ang!x


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