Wednesday 6 April 2016

Au Marché / Al Mercato

Friday saw our new monthly street market appear in town. Gazebos all down the street, in the little parking square and at the top of the precinct. Bob and I took the advantage of being on holiday from work to stroll down first thing in the morning, in the warm sunshine and have a look at the goods on offer. Most people seemed bright and cheerful, although one gentleman was ranting about the loss of parking spaces [two affable policeman were gently trying to calm him down, politely pointing out that it was only one day in the month, and there were loads of other spaces close by]

The stalls were fairly predictable - meat, bread, veg, flowers, clothing, jewellery and small electricals. A few were slightly more unusual- a Mediterranean Sweets stall [full marks for being the only table offering samples!] and a chap selling Provencal table linens. I do love those sunny blue and yellow prints! 
Most interesting was Monsieur Pascal with his oignons [or do we have to spell that ognon now? which looks an ugly word I think] However one spells these things, I shunned his smoked garlic [l'ail fumé] Bob has promised to produce some of these for me this summer in the Cornerstones smoker. But I did buy a string of shallots [des échalotes] to hang in the garage

Then my beloved Belgian took me to The Merchant of Venice for petit dejeuner [sorry, colazione] I felt happily European as I ate my toasted panettone!


  1. I have so many happy memories of wandering round markets in France. Your onion seller looks good value!

  2. Onions!!!! I love him, he looks!!! We have a street market here in Wickford which has a fish monger, bread, there's an antique guy who I bought a squirrel brooch from and a plant man. There was a slipper man too who had proper elderly lady slippers. I felt a bit sorry for him as he didnt have many customers!

  3. We have markets occasionally but they tend to always be the same things and look suspiciously corporate. Nothing like as interesting as your onion man. Is this a bad time to confess that I have moved over more or less completely to frozen onions?

  4. The Merchant of Venice! Fabulous!


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